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About His Will Not Mine Ministry

There are many choices that may try to deter us from yielding to the will of our Heavenly Father. We are his children and he burns with desire for us to yield to him with our lives in his hands just as any loving parent would desire for their children. Our belief and trust must go on each day backed up by action to become reality. Jesus said, those who believe in me (backed up with trust) will do greater works, (John 14:12-15). We have to understand our Father burns with desires to conform us to the likeness of Jesus(Romans 8) and this process takes what? Time! As our relationship with him grows he is looking to develop us in every facet so that we may be ministers of flaming fire(Psalm 104:4-Hebrews 1:7) so that signs and wonders are manifested in our midst (Luke 17:21).

Is believing and backing up your belief with trusting him with your life in his hands a reality? Do you know it is his power working in and through you to manifest in someone else's life? His life in us is power that can and will overflow into someone else's! As many as Jesus touched were what? MADE WHOLE! (Mark 6:56/Matthew 14:34-36).




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