Trusting and Yielding to Him who is Love

Love is not a word, love is a being, and he burns with desires for you to let him take care of you just as any loving parent would do for their children. Trusting and yielding to him who is love will lead you to knowing and understanding God, your Heavenly Father, and all that he desires to do so you can live a peaceful, protected, and purposeful life.

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Your Heavenly Father burns with desires to show himself strong on your behalf in every area of your life. Just as any loving parent would desire for their children to live a peaceful, purposeful, and powerful life, your Heavenly Father is the same. There is absolutely nothing he can’t do and it’s his desire that you cast all the burdens of your life onto his shoulders because he cares for you(1st Peter 5:7). Can he set you free from any bondage you may be facing? Sure he can! As you learn to believe him, trust him, and yield to him living each day with your life in his hands he will set you free(Luke 4:18/Isaiah 61:1)from any yoke of bondage you may be experiencing in your life. Your Heavenly Father is genuinely interested in you being, doing, and having all that he has in store for you throughout your lifetime. He has predestined you and justified you to live(Romans 8:29) in such a time as this so that his will can be done on earth in every area of your life so that others may know him as you do. Everything is available for the receiving of it on your behalf, and as you learn to trust him and yield to him just as any child would do towards their loving parents you too will experience all that he has on his mind and in his heart for you.

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